Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Season of Treason : the hijacking of the Republic and our remedy

Getting out from under the matrix benefit; (133:04) Kurt Kallenbach,"you're gaining peace of mind because you are no longer swimming in blood from what the UNITED STATES actually is ,it's a murder machine on a worldwide level, all it does is go through and rape and pillage and kill people for profit and you know what?That was the reason I initially got out . I got out because I couldn't ultimately deal with the fact that I was promoting it by being a US CITIZEN(the artificial corporate person)...(135:27)Do you realize that every cop that pulls you over to beat your ass, to taze you,to murder you,whatever,every cop that does that has your consent...you authorized it the moment you signed up for your drivers license.What's worse is they're our brothers,our uncles,our fathers ,our sisters,our families(135:39)...The cops who are doing this to us our us. The doctors prescribing the drugs that are shooting up our children ..They're us. The New World Order cannot progress without our help,we are killing ourselves. And why? For the big screen TV.For the fat wallet.
(136:31)Question from audience member:We just put a new congress in there.Did they take them into a closet over there and show them the ropes,"This is what it is"? ... KK,"No.1,we didn't do anything,you don't have the authority to elect anybody because you have no congressional voting representation, remember that. You didn't ever pick anybody....they did. And the answer to the 2 nd part of that ,yes they do. They have the option from the moment they get voted on...from... the moment they get elected ,the 2 months ,the station between, they are told how they are going to do things and if they don't...and here is the deal, they're instant millionaires... to the profitability...so they're set for life...and the other side of this is that they are threatened. So their choice is, "do I follow through on this and become set up for life financially and I don't get killed or my family members don't get killed" ...that's that one side, the other is "I don't take office" (138:06)People ask me, "Kirk, what are we going to do?" NOTHING,we are going to aggressively do nothing...by withdrawing our consent,they know what we're doing...Nobody gets this stuff...it's not those in DC that are doing this, WE ARE !No,.. there's 400 and 45 or 35 people, they're not doing it, WE ARE! We are the ones putting ourselves in jail, the judges are putting us in jail are our family members.WE ARE THE ONES DOING IT!The moment we wake up to that fact is the moment this shit stops! I am sorry but I can't ever agree that they are doing it to us...We are! We can't do anything to stop this until we recognize who the absolute beast is and it's the beast within us. We need to stop it from within.The moment people stop valuing the dollar is the moment it stops!(140:00) If we consider our wallet more important than our neighbor...This is a value based problem,...it is spiritual (140:11)...It has nothing to do with these people ,it has to do with us!... We are the problem."

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